Follow these tips to position your home for a quick and profitable sale.

If you’re considering selling your home in 2017, you should know that a lot has probably changed in the real estate market since you last sold. Knowing what works today — and resolving to put the tips and advice of the past to rest — will help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

Attract Mobile Buyers: 

All home searches begin on a smartphone or tablet, especially Facebook - not on the Web, and not using the newspaper.
In order to make your home stand out you need to hire a broker who will know how to navigate the Internet world. If you aren't sure about your broker's Internet presence, just google their name. It's that simple! And be sure to google their name from a mobile device to see if their website is mobile optimized. 

Your home becomes a product:

I understand that when you live in your home, it's your home. You have spent years there creating memories, maybe you raised your children there? You made friends in the neighborhood and you are sad to leave, but you know this is the next adventure in your life and you must embrace it. But...

The second you put your home on the market it is no longer your home, but a product. We must treat it like it's the shiniest item on the top shelf at the store. You have a high price tag for a reason and you need to have the right broker who will make your home look this way. Everyone will be drooling over your home because your broker uses home staging and professional photography to make your home sparkle.

Don't list until your serious:

We are currently in a sellers market, but we still have to know the market to be successful. You can't just throw a for sale sign up and think your home will sell, even in this market. The biggest hurdle is getting over the emotional ties to the home. Until you have done that, you shouldn't list your home for sale. The next item would be if your home isn't show ready. Take care of maintenance items and clutter. Your broker should hire a home stager to help you maximize the space as well.

Over pricing your home is still a thing, especially since the word is out about the sellers market. You need to hire a broker to help you decide the best price for your home so you will get the most money in the shortest time possible. Our job is to help navigate all aspects of the transaction so you can have a stress free transition. 

Hire the right Broker:

The person who helped you buy your home 7, 15, 30 years ago may not be the best choice in today's housing market. You need a marketing team that will not just help you through the process, but who will actively market your home online and with traditional tactics. 

I always suggest interviewing at least 3 brokers so you can see the difference's between them. Ask them the hard questions about how they will specifically market your home. If they can't show you proof or stats, then you are wasting your time with that broker and they aren't worth the commission you will be paying them.

First impressions are key:

It's very frustrating to see a new home alert your phone, only to notice there are no photos available yet. You want to launch your home to the world like a world premier of the latest movie! You want the photos & paid ad's all ready to go, you want the listing online to look perfect, all before hitting that launch button. 

Buyer's will move on over the smallest detail that doesn't suit their needs when looking at homes online. It's not just price and a sign that will get your home sold anymore. Marketing, show-ability, and price all have to align perfectly to have that magic sale in record time for highest price. Make sure your first impression is perfect!