Selling Your Home In 2018? 4 Resolutions For A Successful Sale

We are coming into the time of year when all we can think about are the holidays. Did I get that perfect gift for my sister? Did I forget anything for Thanksgiving dinner? Better get all the parties in my calendar! 

The last thing you are thinking about is selling your home. Right? Most of my clients are waiting until 2018 to sell their homes. That doesn't mean you can forget about it right now! It takes a few months to truly prepare your home for the open market. Starting the planning process now, will ensure for a successful sale in the beginning of 2018. 

Here are 4 reasons why planning ahead is crucial:

1) Handle unfinished projects: 

Be sure to tackle any cleaning, repairs, and yard work before listing your home for sale. Now is the best time to start! If you have any of those pesky home repairs you've been putting off. Call your trusted contractor and have them get started. They are typically slower this time of year and you might be able to get a better deal. Buyer's want a move in ready home. If they see visible signs of things wrong with your home, they will begin their offer lower, and might even pass all together on your home. In order to get the highest and best price for your home, it must be presented as such. 

2) Inventory is still low:

January is usually a slow time of year, but the last two years, we haven't seen this trend. We have seen people tired of waiting thru the holidays and want to jump in the market. You want to be able to be ahead of the game. If you plan now you can get a jump on the pack in January. Most people wait until January to contact me, as you know, that's late in the game to be able to get your home on soon. The inventory will more than likely remain low into 2018 so you will still see a sellers market. When people choose to sell or buy this time of year, it's typically because they need to do so. You'll sell for a higher price now because you're smart and didn't wait until Spring like everyone else. 

3) Moving up or downsizing?

If you are in need of a bigger or smaller home, now is a great time to think about selling in the new year. You are more than likely rummaging thru your garage and storage to get out all those holiday decorations, why not take this time to declutter your home to prepare for sale. Are you downsizing? This is the perfect time to get rid of items you know you won't need in your smaller place. Need a bigger home? Busting at the seems? Get that stuff into a storage unit so your home won't look like it's about to explode with stuff. Either way, you will feel better knowing you have released some of that old stuff you've been hanging onto too long. 

4) Meet with your Realtor®️ NOW!

Don't wait to call on me to help you prepare. Selling your home shouldn't be taken lightly. Even though inventory is low, you still need to present your home in the best light to ensure a fast sale for the highest price. Buyer's are smarter than ever now! They won't be fooled. Marketing and the right price are still key when selling your home. I use nothing but the latest technology and tools to get your home marketed in the proper way. Today's real estate market is ever changing and you need a Realtor®️ who will keep up to date.