How a Glass Tile BackSplash Made My Day!

I pulled into the driveway and noticed right away that this home was a gem. It was on one of the best streets in Gig Harbor, especially when it comes to waterfront homes. It’s on this little stretch of dirt called Horsehead Bay. It gets its name because it literally looks like a horses head. 

I walked down the long driveway past the detached garage and nocked on the front door. My newest client shakes my hand and invites me inside. This home is going to be spectacular when I’m finished with the re-model, my client states. I agree with him 100%. The kitchen is perfectly situated to capture the view while you cook, entertain, or simply do the dishes. We continue through and he points out all the small details that have been put into this home. From the custom faucets to the custom pulls on all the cabinets. No detail has been spared. 

He continued to explain all the upgrades he was going to do to ensure that this home would sell fast and that everyone would want to line up to purchase this home. Homeowners like this make my job so easy! 

We finish up our tour and of course sit down to chat about marketing strategies and price. We both were in full sync that day. The price I gave was HIS price too! The stars were aligning and I’m glad for it. We discussed all the items he was going to do to the home before it hit the market. We both knew it might be a few weeks, but knew that time was well spent because he was going to make this home sparkle.

A few days later I get a text message from the same client and all that was contained, at first, were 3 photos of his new glass tile back splash he had installed. It was gorgeous! It had hints of light silver, gray, and white that just shimmered amongst the under cabinet lighting. It was perfect and the best addition he could have made to dress up his kitchen. 

I looked at the photos a few times admiring each one. I was with a colleague of mine at the time the text messages came. I leaned across the table and cut her off mid sentence to show her the photos. She was thoroughly impressed by the finished product! 

I replied: “Nice!”

Client: “Did you notice the card?”

Now I had noticed there was a card in each of the photos that he had sent, but I was so focused on the tile back splash that I didn’t bother to look at the card closely. I immediately went back to the photos to take a look at this card. 

I pulled it up, zoomed in, and noticed to my surprise that it was MY business card sitting on the kitchen counter under the new glass tile back splash!

I replied: “I just did the second time around! Was that your inspiration?”

Client: “Sure was!”

My heart smiled and melted a little. I had never had someone use my business card as their inspiration for anything in their home. Maybe a few have asked where I have it printed or can I use the same material, but never for a glass tile back splash! 

I’ve always been proud of my style, still not 100% sure what that is, but I am proud nonetheless. The enjoyment that filled my heart that day was huge. Being in sales is one of the hardest jobs there is! I’ve had so many different types of jobs in my short time on this planet, but nothing quite compares to being a Realtor. The funniest part about it, is I love it! I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I’ve done other things and nothing fulfills me like helping people buy and sell homes. 

I was pretty excited to see how excited my client was about sharing that little detail with me. This job is so much more than sales. We love our clients more than most know. We do it because we like to help others succeed and find their dream home. It’s more than commissions or who’s got the most listings. It’s about knowing that the person who is assisting you in making the largest financial decision of your life… Cares.