Halloween has changed so much over the years, but it is still my favorite holiday by far. I love that for one day every year it’s ok to be someone else. You can choose to be that gory ghoul or that person you have always admired. Either way you can jump into another character and no one will ever question why.

When I was younger I would always get excited! I was always trying new ways of being creative with my costume. The planning would begin months, sometimes years, in advance. I would always get my friends and family involved as well because I wanted to make sure I had the BEST costume.

When I was around 5 or 6 I wanted to be E.T. for halloween. I know now that my mom was horrified by this request because this was before the days when you could go to Party City and buy your perfect costume. I don’t think there’s been a year that we haven’t talked about that infamous costume. 

She spent months sewing that thing and she was not the best sewer in the world. The things mom’s do for their kids never ceases to amaze me. The detail in that costume was pretty impressive and I remember all the rave reviews that night when I would go to everyone’s door. 

I’m pretty sure that was the most candy I got in one year! (Goes to show that marketing does matter) 

As I got older I wasn’t able to go door to door anymore and my friends and I would go to halloween parties or haunted houses instead. 

Haunted houses have always been another part of halloween that I absolutely love. I’ve always lived by a little motto: Scare yourself at least once a day

Of course going to a haunted house is the ultimate scaring machine and you might be able to get a couple weeks of scaring if you choose the right one’s.

Here are a list of the top 5 Haunted Houses in Pierce County

  1. Pierce County Asylum: This is the largest and longest running haunted house in Pierce County. This year they are featuring two different haunted houses. Shadows & Haunted Hollow. Shadows is nearly 15,000 sq. feet and features a queue-line. Haunted Hollow is a smaller haunt, but involves a winding dark path. A portion of the proceeds goes to benefit Adventist Community Services. Be sure to leave plenty of time to enjoy these two haunted houses. Each takes about 40 minutes to fully enjoy.
  2. Fright Factory Haunted House: Put down your espresso and head south to the dark hills of Buckley, Washington. The Fright Factory haunted house has everything from clowns and ghouls to pitch black mazes that may drive you insane. Not for the faint of heart and not recommended for young kids, but recommended for those ready to look into the abyss. At only $12, the Fright Factory is a killer deal. Bring some canned food for donation and save a buck. Don’t and you’re pressing your luck. Fright Factory was featured in Top Haunts in America. 
  3. Georgetown Morgue:The Georgetown Morgue of Seattle is a facility for tragic stories of death. The morgue has a history of thousands of funeral preparations, cremations, and the processing of animal carcasses. The morgue holds what is considered to be the most horrifying unsolved crime in Seattle history. Nine of their staff were forced into the crematorium chamber. There were no surviving witnesses, nor were suspects ever identified. Upon delving deeper into the bowels of the Georgetown Morgue earlier this year, We unearthed a terrifying secret buried far beneath the blood splattered floor boards. Come take a tour and see what our Janitor’s Rigger and Mortis have been hiding all these years. Wonder below at your own risk to see if you can escape the body strewn sewers and private janitorial quarters of the Georgetown Morgue.
  4. Hell’s Gateway Haunted House: They have 3 different haunts to suite your scary needs, Real Fear, Haunted House, and Dark Nightmare. Real Fear is exactly what the name means! This is our most intense, 100% interactive scare event. Duration from start to finish is 1 to 1.5 hours and we do have a SAFE WORD for those who can't handle it. Earn bragging rights if you complete the entire transgression of fears.  Must be 18 with state issued license or military ID. You will have to sign and finger print a HOLD HARMLESS agreement for entrance into this event. This is not for the light hearted. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT wear your Sunday best clothing. Be prepared to throw your clothes out once you get home (if you do make it home). We can accommodate groups but beware it will become survival of the fittest by the end of this event. This is a timed ticketing event due to 1-1.5 hour duration. There are only 540 spots available and as of Sept 28 only 397 are still available. Purchasing of this ticket requires us to assign you a time slot and you must be on time for that spot. If you miss your time slot you must wait for the next available open spot that night. If you miss your time it cannot be rescheduled and there are no refunds. Haunted House is what started it all 3 years ago. With tons of high tech gear and fresh ideas, Hell’s Gateway is bringing the sexy back... we mean scary back into the haunted house. Must be 13 and older to enter.  Under 18 must be accompanied by adult. As our opener to our event it will scare the regular customer just looking for a great time many times over. This is a general ticket event so tickets are at the door. Dark Nightmare is a timed blackout event that will scare the most experienced haunter. It's a TIMED EVENT where customers, by collecting all 10 clues in under 20 minutes, will be entered for a chance to win a 70" Sony LED TV. Drawing to be held at our Erotic Vampire Ball party November 1st. The most important thing about this attraction is that you only get a glow stick as your light source! Glow sticks are given with ticket purchase and additional glow power, for those easily scared victims, can be purchased as well!
  5. Hellmouth Haunted House: The only reminder of the paranormal activity that opened the Hellmouth is on the fluttering yellowed pages of a newspaper left carelessly beneath piles of old books at the Old Settler’s Cemetery. In it, information long forgotten is printed in faded ink–clues to the mystery of the severed head and the yearly paranormal activity occurring at the house once occupied by Charlotte Bacon. Charlotte, a disheveled-looking woman with grossly long fingernails and rotted brown teeth, was rumored to dabble in Black Magic. She lived alone – some say her husband was killed in the war; others contend he was in her basement, kept alive on nothing but cat urine and human rib meat. In any case, normal townsfolk feared her, so she hired Otto and his crew. Otto took full advantage of Charlotte – eating her food, drinking her coffee, and even stealing expensive trinkets to sell on the street. Charlotte acted like she didn’t know, but she did – and she was amused. On a fall day at the end of October 1942, Otto’s association with Charlotte Bacon came to an abrupt end. His plan had been to kill Charlotte that day, but when he arrived, what happened would alter Lakewood forever. It took Otto fourteen days to kill Charlotte in a massacre that left blood and unrecognizable gray matter on every surface of the house. Each year, the Hellmouth reopens, and for two weeks in October, Charlotte, Otto, and the rest of the undead return to wreak havoc on the town of Lakewood and any who would cross the threshold of 8415 Lawndale Avenue. Courtesy: Backstory created exclusively for Hellmouth Haunted House by DanaMartinWriting.com

Now you know the best haunted houses in Pierce County. I hope you get to go to one or all this Halloween season. 

Click the link below because we don’t want to just tell you about them, we also want to hear about your experience.