Making sure you make the right choices when choosing to remodel your home before selling.

Thinking about getting down and dirty with some home improvement projects to boost the value of your home? Here are some pretty cool upgrades and fixes that won’t cost a lot, but could help you clinch a deal if you’re trying to sell.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, and potential buyers often decide whether they’re interested in a home within seconds. They are already thinking, "Can I live here?"

Make sure everything is clean and neat, and spruce up your entryway landscaping with well-placed shrubs, new plants and trimmed hedges. And don’t underestimate the power of a new front door, fence or mailbox. Do make sure it's inviting to everyone! Ask a few neighbors to give their opinion once it's complete.

Make a Mr. Clean kind of Bathroom

Bathroom improvements can get expensive, but small cosmetic changes can reap big rewards. Consider replacing anything that is dated. Not sure... Ask a friend or call on your trusted Real Estate Broker. Lighting and plumbing fixtures are the easiest and cheapest way to spruce up the bathroom.

Other projects that are worth the effort include re-grouting the tile, replacing an old vanity with a new one and buying a new toilet seat. Even through in fresh towels to make it look like a spa getaway. 

Do you want to cook in your kitchen?

They always have said the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where the family congregates, guests gather and the kids do their homework. To appeal to potential buyers, this space has to look clean, inviting and warm.

Beyond making sure your appliances work well and look shiny, consider updating cabinet doors and drawers, light fixtures and faucets. Clean can go a long way when selling your home. 

Let the light in

We all know in the Pacific Northwest light is hard to come by so make sure you let as much light that can, come in. Start by making sure all windows and doors are clean. Take care of any broken or ratty window treatments

Don't have a ton of natural light organically? Increase the wattage in dark rooms that lack natural lighting. Rooms will seem larger and more open.  Visual space — or how large a home feels — is crucial.

Double check the layout

Removing clutter and personal belongings will make rooms look larger, why not take it one step further and think about reconfiguring the layout? Moving furniture or decluttering costs you no money at all. Keep in mind to maximize the positive features of your home. 

Been covering up that fireplace because you have no use for it? Buyer's want to see that fireplace and all it has to offer. Uncover it and show it off!